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Foot Maxx

High-tech foot scans

Scans of your feet reveal pressure points, loss of arch and other critical information.

It surprises many that we will often focus on the feet, when the problem seems located in the neck or lower back. Yet, your pelvis and feet are the foundation of your spine. Problems in one area can create compensatory problems in the other. That’s why we often recommend Foot Maxx.

3-D Scanning

Our new state of the art 3dmaxx foot scanning system utilizes cutting edge laser technology to scan over 800,000 data points on your foot to create an orthotic that is truly one of the kind and tailored specifically to you.

Less Pain Starts With Your Feet

Clinical research continues to demonstrate the benefits of custom orthotics for those suffering from foot, knee, hip or chronic lower back pain. Anyone spending a significant amount of time on their feet should be sure to have the proper support for their unique feet, and this goes double for anyone working on a hard unforgiving surface such as tile or cement on a daily basis. Best of all, not only do they work great, they feel great!

Insurance May Help Cover the Cost

Custom orthotics built in this way satisfy all insurance requirements and make reimbursement a simple process. Almost all insurance companies will cover 70-80% of your orthotic cost (some may require a note from your MD).