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About Us

logoA Team-Based Approach to Healing

In 2012, a team of specialists united to offer Miramichi a quality, multidisciplinary approach to  wellness all at the same location.  It all started with Jason Driscoll, a massage therapist here at Peak Performance Health Center, who felt the need for a health care facility founded in a team-based approach. Uniting several doctors and therapists, we’re focused on helping our patients experience relief and healing.

Peak Performance Health Center is proud to serve Miramichi with a unique approach to wellness. We’re focused on being the leading provider of quality care in a modern, high-tech clinic.

Many Minds United

Our philosophy is to help you achieve the best possible outcome through a team-based approach. Here, you’ll have all of your health care providers discuss your progress with you. Through multiple opinions and vantage points, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment possible.

Our hope for you is that when you visit Peak Performance Health Center, you know that you’ll be taken care of in the best manner. Your health is our number one priority!

The Results You’re Seeking

With a variety of independent providers and services available, we welcome anyone in the Miramichi and surrounding areas to visit us for relief and healing.

We’ve seen many people visit us with grade 2 or 3 whiplash, low back pain and knee damage from car accidents. We’ll set them up with chiropractors for whiplash, physiotherapy and laser therapy for knee issues, massage therapy for their back pain and active rehabilitation at the Peak Performance Fitness Center, located downstairs. In these cases, we’re seeing our patients healing in just a few months.

Don’t spend another day in pain. Contact us to see how we can help you reach your peak healing and performance.


Peak Performance Health Center | (506) 778-9900
Serving Miramichi and the North Shore Since 2012